Anything new on Chilblains?

Chilblains are a painful lesion that commonly occurs due to a vasospastic response of the small blood vessels to the colder weather. They start out at reddish painful lesions that may also be itchy. If they become chronic they tend to take on a dark blue color and the skin may break down.

There really have been no advances recently in our understanding and treatment or if you follow all the research on them. Still the best way to manage them is to prevent them with avoiding cold and using good socks and footwear and then if one occurs to use creams to stimulate the circulation. Good wound care is needed if the skin is broken.

Having said that, during the COVID-19 pandemic there have been lots of reports on Chilblains and Covid-19 (Covid Toes). For some reason chilblains are occurring with an increased frequency in those who are infected with the novel coronavirus. A lot of research has gone in to trying to find out why. PodChatLive did a deep dive into those reason: Chilblains and ‘COVID Toes’. There are a number of effective creams that can be used to treat chilblains.